What times does the festival start and end?

The festival starts at 7 pm Friday and ends at 18.00 Sunday.

What is Tantra?

There is a text on our webpage describing what tantra is for us and we also have a youtube channel where some of the workshopleaders from the festival also talk about tantra. Check it out here!

Will the workshops be in Swedish or English?

Most of the workshops will be held in English but as soon as everybody in the room speaks Swedish, it will be in Swedish.

Do you belong to any specific tantra school?

No, we are totally independent persons with experience from several schools and we do not belong to any specific organisation or school.


Can i come to the festival alone or should I bring a partner?
You are warmly welcome with a partner, with friends or on your own!


Will there only be workshops for couples?

No, there will be workshops you do alone and workshops you do together with someone that you easily will find there.


Can I bring my children?
No, the age limit is 18 years. (Small babies with protected ears are welcome.)


Are there any restaurants nearby?

Yes there are several restaurants on walking distance and one café in the venue.

Are there any hotels nearby?

Yes, there are many hotels and hostels nearby. Book in time!


Where is the closest subway station and how do I get there?

The closest subway station is Liljeholmen, with 7min walk to the venue.

Where can I see the schedule for the festival?

The schedule will be available on the website in March.


Is there any nudity on this festival?

No. There is no workshops where you have to be naked.

Can I sell my ticket?

Yes, feel free to post in our event and use "Tickster" to resell the ticket. The new participant will then automatically receive all important information.


Is tantra only about sex?

Absolutely not. Tantra is mostly about spiritual and personal development where the sexual energy, sexuality and intimacy can be used as a great tools.


Is it ok to be a beginner?

Yes absolutely! You are welcome whatever experience you have.


Is there anything interesting for people who have 10 years of experience with tantra?

Yes. There is no limit for growth, expansion and learning more about oneself. We have workshops for both beginners and more experienced.


Do you have discount for students?

No, we have early bird tickets. The sooner you buy, the cheaper it is.


Can I come and give a workshop?

This year is full but send us information, we will check it for next festival.


Is This going to be an awesome festival with warm nice friendly people, amazing music and fantastic workshops?

YES!!! <3


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